Testimonials: Austin Prenatal Yoga


Jessie Jennings:

Lisa's prenatal yoga class is a complete gem. I feel honored to have received her guidance and now feel more confident and prepared for my personal entrance into motherhood. With her wide range of poses she incorporated both my own and unborn child's changing needs.  The environment created in Lisa's class was mindful of the physical and emotional self. I left each class feeling strong, centered, graceful and powerful.  Rejuvenated and energized, I found myself both limber and toned the next day. When my partner attended class with me Lisa added poses connecting us through our touch, breath, and vision. She also demonstrated posses he could do with me to aid and assist during labor.  I absolutely adored Lisa and would suggest her classes to any mother-to-be as one of the best gifts to themselves they can give during pregnancy.

Leigh Sebastian:

I have been taking a really amazing prenatal yoga class at Love Yoga.  I've taken yoga before, even prenatal yoga.  This is the best experience I've had.  I'm going to keep coming.  Lisa is very thoughtful and attentive, creatively adjusting the classes to adjust our needs.  She is very organized, focused on individual attention, and knows how to read the "vibe" of the class that day and make necessary adjustments.

 Thank you.

Coleen Hilton:

Your class helps so much!  I was in such a wonderful and peaceful mood when I left and it just continued on for the rest of the day.  I certainly had a good workout because I was wiped out when I got home!  (stretching is very laborious for us non-benders :) )

Thank you again - I can't wait to see you next week!


Thank you so much for all the excellent classes. The meditation you read during the last shavasana was extremely helpful to me during labor. 
I will truly miss you and the classes, they were such wonderful experiences.



Arielle Moore:

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to let you know that I will not be attending yoga tomorrow because I had my baby boy Kieran yesterday afternoon.  I delivered him by VBAC and it was a great experience.  I had an epidural, but I found myself using the breathing techniques and focal points we used in the class.  They definitely helped!  It was like running a marathon and the yoga class really helped!  Such a different experience than with Isaiah and it makes me want another one down the line.  Anyways, I will be in contact with you once things settle down a bit for Mommy and Me post partum classes.  Okay thanks so much!

Prachi Dixit:

I love your classes by the way - it's exactly what I was hoping for - movement in ways my body has never contorted before.  Yes I was definitely a little sore, but I loved the hip openers - I need so much work in that area.

Thank you for the empowering articles/knowledge as well.