About the Class
Prenatal Yoga Class Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
75 Minutes Long!
No Pre-registration
Beginners Welcome
Very Low Rates
Great Work-Out
Drop-In for One Class or Buy a 5 or 10 Class Pass


Austin Prenatal Yoga is located INSIDE Heartsong Music

Address: 2700 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 320 Austin 78757

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Why Prenatal Yoga?

Awaken your Birth Power, Balance Effort with Surrender, Cultivate Courage and Inner Strength as you Prepare for the Divine Plan of your Life to Unfold! Be a co-creator in your own Birth as you learn to trust your body's wisdom.  This prenatal yoga class will empower you, giving you the tools to learn how to cope with pregnancy discomforts and labor pain. Through centering, movement, breath, and sound, you will leave yoga feeling calm, confident, refreshed, and deeply connected to your baby.  This class will also nurture positive energy, love and support from other moms-to-be.  All levels of yoga experience and all trimesters of pregnancy welcome.

Who Am I? 

My name is Lisa Young, and I am a yoga teacher who specializes in prenatal yoga.  I was inspired and transformed through my positive pregnancy and empowering birth experience, to share the gift of yoga with pregnant women.  I had a fast, relatively pain-free birth, and I am confident yoga had something to do with this. 

I want you to have a joyful healthy pregnancy and an amazing empowering birth experience (which you deserve).  Your body has the knowledge and fortitude to bring your child into this world.  Yoga will help you believe and trust in your body and innate ability to birth your baby. Prenatal Yoga will help you relax, connect with your baby, and prepare you mentally and physically for the Big Day (and post-recovery, too).  It will also make you feel strong, centered, and beautiful!